To become a successful tester, one needs to understand the market from the customer’s point of view to deliver outstanding customer experience.

 Show notes:

[0:32] testers to identify the pros and cons 

[0:54] Security, layout, accessibility, privacy, and all other aspects that define the positive rating of customer experience

[1:17] different Ways Through Which Testers Support A Better Customer Experience.

[1:48] e-commerce sites introduce optimized features  discussion

[2:25] Excellent team collaboration 

[3:02] Being a tester, the first quality you must acquire is to be curious to know more

[3:32] Set Your Limits on Testing.

[4:24] Productivity


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The success of a website or application is dependent on its performance. This necessitates effective Performance Testing to ensure high performance. The speed, stability, and scalability are the key areas focused on performance testing. Measuring performance requires the use of certain metrics. With the help of the performance metrics, the effectiveness and the quality of performance can be easily calculated.

For a tester, one of the ideal ways to ensure that a system has the endurance to sustain actual load/business demand and at the same time serve multiple users reliably and in a timely manner is performance testing. We do performance testing so that we can provide management with the necessary information to make intelligent decisions about improvement and risk.

Mr Niranjan Limbachiya CEO, KiwiQA talked about KiwiQA journey, learning, personal challenges, company values, changes to the organisation, leaders admires, surprising things to know about him, future growth and finally about healthy work-life balance. 

You can connect with him on Linkedin.

There is no doubt that software testing has come a long way since a few decades back when the role of the tester was very specific and limited.Those who are able to handle and convert these challenges into opportunities clearly have a strong road laid ahead of them both for the products they are working on and for their own personal careers.

In this podcast, we look at what other tasks a tester should take on in addition to his core testing responsibilities.

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