To become a successful tester, one needs to understand the market from the customer’s point of view to deliver outstanding customer experience.

 Show notes:

[0:32] testers to identify the pros and cons 

[0:54] Security, layout, accessibility, privacy, and all other aspects that define the positive rating of customer experience

[1:17] different Ways Through Which Testers Support A Better Customer Experience.

[1:48] e-commerce sites introduce optimized features  discussion

[2:25] Excellent team collaboration 

[3:02] Being a tester, the first quality you must acquire is to be curious to know more

[3:32] Set Your Limits on Testing.

[4:24] Productivity


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In the digital reality, evolution over revolution prevails. The QA approaches and techniques that worked yesterday will fail you tomorrow. Mr Eran Kinsbruner from Perfecto mobile and Mr Jonathon Wright had a great discussion about AI and machine learning. This is no longer a buzzword or a trend. It's a reality. Additional they have put some lights on Samsung foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Fold X and the Galaxy Fold Z pricing discussion.

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If you’ve been testing for any length of time, you know that the number of possible test cases is enormous if you try to test all possible combinations of inputs, configuration values, types of data, and so forth. It’s like the mythical monster, the many-headed Hydra, which would sprout two or more new heads for each head that was cut off. Two simple approaches to dealing with combinatorial explosions such as this are equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis, but those techniques don’t check for interactions between factors. A reasonable, manageable way to test combinations is called pairwise testing, but to do it you’ll need a tool. 

In this One Key Idea session, Rex will demonstrate the use of a free tool, ACTS, built by the US NIST and available for download worldwide. We can’t promise to turn you into Hercules, but you will definitely walk away able to slay the combinatorial Hydra.

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